About Us

Inter-American Division Human Resources facilitates advancement of the Gospel Commission by providing professional services in the areas of strategic planning, staffing, compensation and benefits, employee relations, personnel data management, training and development, and other employee services, thereby enabling staff to adequately fulfill their assigned or elected duties.

Inter-American Division Human Resources assists in creating effective policies, establishing and maintaining organizational culture and giving leadership to the Human Resources functions within the Division territory through the various Unions human Resources departments.

The Inter-American Division Human Resources offers leadership in providing:

• A workplace atmosphere where the Christian work style and lifestyle is exemplified.

• Practical methods which assist departments and administrative units at relevant levels, to make effective decisions in harmony with the mission of the organization.

• In-house processes and programs that promote fairness, consistency, equity, diversity management, effective social interactions, spiritual enrichment as well as professional and skills training and development.

• Open lines of communication between employees and administration.

• Supervisors with training and development tools in order to better supervise, coach, counsel, and develop employees.

Objectives of the Department of Human Resources and Leadership

1.Provide orientation to new employee and convey to them the expectations of them as they perform in their new roles.

2.Assess and Interview potential candidates for hiring and make recommendations to administration.

3.Provide job descriptions for all employees within the organization.

4.Keep updated records on each employee.

5.Conduct performance reviews and training of employees within the organization.

6.To establish uniformity across the organization in harmony with organizational policies and to

insure avoidance of discrimination.

7.Actively engage in internal skill search and seek to improve morale through recognition, and encouraging employees to learn new skills, and improve their work efficiency.

8.Ensure that the employees’ handbook adequately addresses and conveys the rules as well as culture of the organization.

9.Provide professional support as well as training and development of employed personnel at all levels and institutions within the Seventh-day Adventist organization across the Inter American Division territory.

10.Hone and develop leadership skills and competencies of employed personnel within the organization.

11.Organize and provide programs for the social and spiritual support and growth of each employee within the organization.

12.Provide incentives and recognition to leaders and other organizational employees based on performance appraisals

13.Explore leadership training needs around the Division with a view to identifying critical areas in which those elected to leadership can be oriented.

14.Identify leadership training centers, entities, and programs available in the church and create a network of how these can be of service to the Unions within the Division.

15.Promote and encourage greater leadership effectiveness and succession planning at all levels and institutions within the Inter American Division territory.

Function of Union Human Resource Director

1.Provide professional support as well as training and development of staff for effective execution of assigned duties.

2.Organize and provide programs for the social and spiritual support and growth of each employee within the organization.

3.Where necessary, address diversity issues among personnel within the workforce of the organization.

4.Execute evaluation and assessment initiatives of each employee for the purpose of affirming employees and where necessary provide the employee with needed training or development for the employee to maximize his/her potentials for greater effectiveness.

5.Develop a cadre of employees within the organization who will be at the cutting edge in expertise, excellence, and efficiency in their work.

6.Provide education and training for each employee within the organization.

7.Conduct and or arrange annual Human Resources seminars, forums, symposiums, retreats, camps, summits, congresses, festivals, conventions, lecture series or councils to benefit Human Resources Directors and employees within the organization.

8.Serve as Secretary of the Human Resources Committee.

9.Prepare and file minutes of actions taken at Human Resources Committees

10.Provide updated job description to each employee and maintain a copy of each on the workers file.